About UBuntu Bridge

Our Mission Statement

  • UBuntu Bridge is a movement for social change, based on principles of respect for ourselves, people, all creatures and the planet.
  • We promote creative, and sustainable ways to bring ubuntu (Unity Consciousness) back into the fundamental elements of human society
  • We create fun and prosperity through service with integrity

UBuntu Bridge believes in the necessity of BALANCED TRANSFORMATION.

We believe in the transformative and healing powers of people re-engaging with indigenous wisdom and people, specifically through language learning.  There is no simpler or more necessary way of showing one’s respect than learning even the basics of an African language you are exposed to frequently.

We want to put the Xhosa learning materials, methodology, resources, facilitators and other elements we have crafted this last decade to more and consistent use, and especially in organisations on the front lines of social upliftment, healing and transformation.


UBuntu Bridge (NPC)

UBuntu Bridge is a non-profit company, which has a number of parallel and aligned objectives and intentions:

  • to provide Xhosa language learning support to NPO’s that work in Xhosa speaking communities
  • to promote the learning of indigenous languages and cultures as an easy and omni-present element to all social engagements in our country
  • to promote micro-enterprises in economically-challenged communities, rural and township
  • to generate employment and income for communities, in a way which honours the heritage and legacy of people in South Africa
  • to create a social movement and network, whereby people wanting to learn isiXhosa can come volunteer at organisations at certain events, knowing that there will be a language learning component, even if just as a continuous background theme to all the other fun, learning, and contributions they are experiencing and making.
  • The NPO seeks to be self-sustainable by encouraging at-event donations, incentivised monthly membership ‘donations’, and creating authentic, language-learning, team-building events for corporates, groups and other organisations.

Nominate an organisation by emailing us!


UB Bridges – Language Training Company (PTY)

  • Started in 2005, as a social enterprise (currently registered as 1 to 1 Learn Xhosa CC), with a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, UB Bridges – Learn Xhosa Training Company in partnership with UBuntu Bridge has brought Xhosa and Zulu language and culture courses in Corporates, Government departments, NGOs, Schools and to adult groups from the general public.
  • We train and employ young, excellent Xhosa facilitators whose energy and enthusiasm inspire and motivate the learners.
  • We use innovative and creative video, online training and digital materials to provide learners with convenient, fun and engaging ways to learn Xhosa
  • Our materials are known widely as an excellent place to start learning about Xhosa  language and culture.
  • UB intends to develop accredited courses for mother tongue African language speakers to teach their own languages as a foreign language.  Essentially TEFL but for Xhosa (TXFL) and Zulu (TZFL).


Lead Facilitators

About Babalwa Nyangeni:
Babalwa is from the Eastern Cape, but lives in Cape Town and has been studying Finance at UCT. Babalwa teaches the Newlands evening beginners courses and has been a lead facilitator for UBuntu Bridge since 2008.“Babalwa was really helpful and trained us exceptionally well”.  Ruth Layman, Old Mutual.
“Babalwa was Brilliant! Enkosi sisi”.   Galiema Ait Ouaala, Old Mutual.
“It was well presented & Babalwa was such an enjoyable teacher.  Classes were fun & enlightening”.   Amanda Naidoo, Old Mutual.
About Deon Nebulane
:Deon 2Deon is a trained and experienced actor who loves the stage and is a natural both in class, and on camera.  He is currently studying his Post Graduate Certificate in Education through UCT and has been a lead facilitator for UBuntu Bridge since 2010.
“Deon was a great teacher, he made sure I was relaxed and helped me learn very quickly”.  Ian M.
“Amazing tutoring and facilitation, he really walked us through it patiently and practically” Louis R, Media24
“Deon was fantastic, passionate and committed”  Mathilda V

Founding Director

About Craig Makhosi Charnock
  • MakhosCraig-Profile-150x150i learnt isiMpondo (a mix of Zulu and Xhosa), as a young adult and is still learning today, thus everything he designs for the learners is tried, tested and tweaked, based on his own experiences and challenges.
  • His method of teaching, as found in the Audio CDs and manuals has proved to be just the right formula for other adults and teens from all backgrounds taking on a third language, and his courses and audio learning products enjoy popularity with Xhosa enthusiasts around the world.
  • Craig likes the mountain and the sea a lot.
For more info on Craig’s talks and performances, please click here:  Key Note Speaker

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  1. Pumla09/04/2015 at 4:04 pm #

    I hope this finds you well. I am looking for content for my program and thought learning IsiXhosa could be interesting. I am Xhosa and I run a Xhosa Radio program but I would like you the expects to be involve. Please come back to me soonest.

    • UBuntu11/05/2015 at 10:10 am #

      Besithethe nge-imayili ke sisi! 😉