UBuntu Bridge Course Content (isiXhosa / isiZulu)

UBuntu Bridge conducts popular and enjoyable classes to help adult learners become comfortable and confident in everyday conversational isiXhosa and isiZulu, through a mix of practical grammar, cultural insights and crucial vocabulary with fun, engaging facilitators.

We conduct isiXhosa in Cape Town and isiZulu in Johannesburg.  The content is very similar for both but there are only levels 1 & 2 for Zulu at present.

The Courses:

•           There are 3 Levels*, each containing 8 lessons (assessment included).  (*Zulu has only two levels)
•           Level 1 is a stand-alone introduction that gives learners plenty to digest.  It is a basic foundational course to facilitate greater awareness and initiate conversations.
•           Most people oft for Level 1 and 2, with Level 3 being for more committed learners.
•           Each level’s content is mirrored in an A5 manual, with 2 corresponding Audio CDs that explain and encourage listener participation.
•           All three levels would give a learner a thorough and excellent foundation, but requires strong learner commitment.
•           Interesting, relevant and insightful culture topics are discussed in each class.
•           Each lesson has clear grammatical explanations, with vocab lists, exercises, Lesson Essentials Test, and a relevant sample conversation, making use of each specific lesson’s teachings.


LEVEL 1 Content:

Confident Xhosa/Zulu Essentials (8 classes)

The Level 1 course and CDs focus on the essentials of learning to speak Xhosa including:

– pronunciation and greetings,
– identifying Xhosa people
– appropriate cultural insights
– verb based sentence construction
– “escape sentences” for when things get out of control
– everything required for polite, social and respectful introductions.

Lesson 1: Pronunciation, reading the language and Greetings
Lesson 2: Introduction to Verbs and Prefixes
Lesson 3: Sentence Building Blocks and CRUCIAL 1st Sentences
Lesson 4: Greetings, Names and Appropriate Titles
Lesson 5: Introductions and Pleasantries
Lesson 6: Integration Orals and “Where are you learning Xhosa?”
Lesson 7: Clarification Phrases
Lesson 8: Assessments


LEVEL 2:  Confident Xhosa/Zulu Essentials Part 2 (8 classes)

Lesson 9:    Negatives and Clarification Phrases cont..
Lesson 10:  Past Tense and Negative Past Tense
Lesson 11:  Stative Verbs – i am hungry, etc
Lesson 12:  Asking/Answering Questions and Future Tense
Lesson 13:  Na as and / with / have
Lesson 14:  The Recent Past Continuous Tense and Verb extensions
Lesson 15:  Remote Past and Personal Details
Lesson 16:  Conversation Oral Assessments

Level 2 Dates


isiXHOSA Level 3:  Intermediate isiXhosa Essentials (14 classes)

After a Level 2 recap, the Level 3 course starts with a quick but practical look at the Noun groups and how nouns function.  From there further verb constructs are learnt, covering all the essentials to bring you to an extremely strong foundation for isiXhosa speaking excellence.Lesson 17:  Revise Level 2
Lesson 18:  Noun Groups Summary
Lesson 19:  Applying the Noun Groups
Lesson 20:  The Locative – expressing place
Lesson 21:  Using Nga – expressing about, by means of
Lesson 22:  Object Concords (OC)
Lesson 23:  The Subjunctive, the potential and useful constructs
Lesson 24-30:  Application and Assessments

Level 3 Dates



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Unsure of your Level?:

We prefer people to start with us from scratch and thus sync with our learning style and to make sure there are no gaps in your knowledge.  Our style of teaching and what we choose to prioritise is different from other courses, so usually people who have done a Xhosa/Zulu course before, still prefer to start with us again at Level 1.  Please read more here:  http://www.learnxhosa.co.za/contact/faqs/xhosa-lessons-faqs/

Level 2 Entrance Assessment Sheet 2018

Level 3 Entrance Assessment Sheet 2018


Xhosa/Zulu Assessments

Each level has an assessment.  If passed with the following mark, we can award certificates:

Certificate of Competence – Level 1 = 90%
Certificate of Competence – Level 2 = 80%
Certificate of Competence – Level 3 = 80%

Most especially, beyond pieces of paper, you receive an exceptional, inspiring and highly interactive language training experience, and for us the real certificate is the one you create when you speak to someone with the respect and confidence that we aim to instill in you.  You will need to request a certificate and collect it/pay for postage.


Whilst 80 or 90% may sound like some mythical and impossible figure from school days, at UBuntu Bridge our assessments are of a standard that is appropriate for our learner’s rate of progress.  You are guided and mentored all the way into the assessments and you are given the answers beforehand to learn from and practice or your assignments are reviewed by the teacher with you in class.  Most students get close to, if not 100% and the only way for you to fail is if you really don’t bother to learn, in which case your language skills would not be worthy of the certificate anyway.  The course is fun and manageable but is about attaining a certain standard as well, and that is why you are coming to do a course with us.


Certifi-Beads are our new visual form of beaded bracelet certification that motivate and inspire learning and speaking after a course.

Those who pass our assessments will receive a PDF or printed certificate as usual on request, but who needs a printed certificate for language proficiency? Language is forgotten if not used regularly!  This is our creative and enjoyable solution.  More info here

Level 1 & Level 2 (with the colour orange)
Level 1 & Level 2 CertifiBeads


Do please stay SUBSCRIBED at either or preferably both of these:

We communicate latest info, events and opportunities to those interested via our mailing list and newsletter service.


Join this admins-only posting Learn Xhosa News Group:


25 thoughts on “UBuntu Bridge Course Content (isiXhosa / isiZulu)

  1. Myself and my husband are in search for a xhosa couse that we can attend for work purposes and need a certificate at the end of each level please

    1. Hi Lucinda
      Our corporate services are on sabbatical, but the best certificate is speaking, and this course will help with that.
      Although if you work through Levels 1 and 2 as found in the shop, we can arrange assessments when you are ready!

  2. Please inform me of isixhosa classes that is currently running in cape town

    1. Hi Hendrik. None at the mo. Please subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

  3. Hi I want to do a course in Xhosa but are staying in Port Elizabeth don’t you have a branch in PE

    1. Not yet Joelene. Try the products in the store. They are awesome for self-learning!

  4. Mollo ! Ndifuna ukufunda ilevel3 ngo 2015. Ungandifundisa nini? Ube neholiday emnandi! Enkosi

    1. Mhlawumbi sisi. Andiyazi nini! Abafundi bambalwa!

  5. I subscribed to start my online Xhosa course but I am not sure if the introductory video is the first lesson or not. I clicked to receive the first lesson and I got the introductory video again!!! A bit upset now! Help, please!

  6. Hi there..I’d really like to speak, read and write IsiXhosa for social an professional purposes.. Are there any ways to study online? If so, please provide me with a Link to a website. Thank you..

    1. Hi Rhyaan. Um our materials are available on this site? http://www.learnxhosa.co.za/store

  7. i would like audio tapes to learn Xhosa that i can learn Xhosa while i am driving.
    do you have such

    1. Hi Saskia, try email sales@learnxhosa.co.za and they can let you know as soon as they are available again in CD form!

  8. Hello,
    How much is a Xhosa course (level 1, private lessons)?
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Georgina
      Only available in Cape Town at present. Please email bookings @ our domain name.]

  9. i love xhosa my language

  10. Hey there uBuntu Bridge people,

    Where is your Zulu level three course? I have done the levels one and two.



    1. Sawubona Chris
      Hasnt been made unfortunately.
      But there are many great Zulu books out there. We specialise in getting people started with some confidence, and would need more interest/investment/support to develop further materials!

  11. Hi there, I want to learn to speak conversational isixhosa from scratch. Would Level 1 and level 2 be the way to go before moving on to level 3. Are these purely audio and text without video content? Your free video’s are great and given me inspiration to learn isiXHOSA.


    1. Hi Richard
      Yes, start with 1 and 2 and then 3!

  12. Zulu for grade 10 to 12. My daughter passed Zulu in primary school obtaining 72% for grade 7. Unfortunately her first term in high school she got 36%. Since then it has been a struggle. She only obtained 27% this term. I need her to get conversational isiZulu lessons please help

    1. Hi Stephen
      Perhaps our materials will help with some conversational confidence.


      Wishing you guys good luck!

  13. i want to join your level 1 class please.
    I’m 69 yrs old, live in brackenfell, and drive my own car.

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