Confident Xhosa Classes in Cape Town


“Dear UBuntu Bridge,
I joined your two introductory courses about five years ago. Since then I’ve been practising and learning as I interact. You gave us the right tools to go out and learn on our own. I work at a Hospital and I love that now if our interpreter is off work, my colleagues call me to interpret in their treatment sessions! :-) Thanks,”
Ingrid Vr, 2016

About Our Xhosa Classes

Classes are relaxed and enjoyable, and form part of either a Level 1, 2 or 3 Course.  Interesting and insightful culture topics are included on the Audio CDs and Mp3s and discussed in each class.

The Public Courses Include:

  • Lessons from an awesome and experienced facilitator, or two
  • 8 sessions of 90 minute lessons in a comfortable, relaxing space.
  • Revision time before and at beginning of each class.
  • 2 x interactive Audio CDs (OR downloadable Mp3 option) and corresponding A5 manual
  • Homework emails, with Pin-up Phrase Sheets after every lesson sent by email and Whatsapp.
  • Facebook community support group and language learning cultural events
  • Contemporary and relevant Culture Insights.
  • Fun, Confident and Practical progress.
  • Receive Certifi-beads on completion of course and assessment competency.
  • Supportive online Videos:  Click for X-Click Sample
  • Xhosa Each Level Course Content:  VIEW COURSE CONTENT HERE

Worried about missing a class due to work / travel / etc?

Its unlikely you or any students will ever make every single class in a course so we make sure you don’t get lost or left behind if committed to the learning process:

  1. The printed and interactive audio materials (CDs and digital download versions onto computers, ipods, etc) cover the class content exactly plus more.
  2. Homework emails are sent after each class with Pin-up phrase sheets summarising the most important phrases up to that point.
  3. We do revision at beginning of each lesson from the previous classes content
  4. We provide whatsapp (061 821 4717) /email support for questions that pop up.
  5. You can also ask on Facebook to get facilitator or peer support:  (secret password: umfundi)
  6. Repeat future courses by prior arrangement and space allowing!


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Xhosa Classes Public Venue – NEWLANDS:

Untitled-2Classes have traditionally taken place in Lesley Charnock’s
Art studio/gallery in Montebello Design Centre, off Newlands Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town, 18h30 – 20h00.  Alternate course venues will be included in a course description.  Please see google map to the right!

Prices and Specials:

Full investment for any 8 Lesson Course, including Manuals, 2 x Audio CDs and assessments: R1850
Early pay discounts (payment date specified in registration info email):  R1750
for SA students, OAPs, or anyone struggling financially: R150 discount on above!  Use coupon:  “Nceda”

Level 1 & Level 2 (with the colour orange)

Level 1 & Level 2 (with the colour orange)

 New Certifi-beads for Course completion and assessment competency.

Cape Town Course Dates 2017

Level 1 Dates


1801 1 Newlands Mondays and Thursdays, 18h30-20h00 Monday 15 January 2018 Monday 12 February 2018 2x Weekly 8 R1850*
1802 1 Newlands Wednesdays, 18h30-20h00 Wednesday 17 January 2018 Wednesday 7 March 2018 1x Weekly 8 R1850*
1803 2 Newlands Mondays and Thursdays, 18h30-20h00 Thursday 15 February 2018 Monday 19 March 2018 2x Weekly 8 R1850*
1804 2 Newlands Wednesdays, 18h30-20h00 Wednesday 4 April 2018 Wednesday 6 June 2018 1x Weekly 8 R1850*

* Limited amounts of early pay discounts at various times, usually announced by email.

LEVEL 1 Content:

Confident Xhosa/Zulu Essentials (8 classes)

The Level 1 course and CDs focus on the essentials of learning to speak Xhosa including:

– pronunciation and greetings,
– identifying Xhosa people
– appropriate cultural insights
– verb based sentence construction
– “escape sentences” for when things get out of control
– everything required for polite, social and respectful introductions.

Lesson 1: Pronunciation, reading the language and Greetings
Lesson 2: Introduction to Verbs and Prefixes
Lesson 3: Sentence Building Blocks and CRUCIAL 1st Sentences
Lesson 4: Greetings, Names and Appropriate Titles
Lesson 5: Introductions and Pleasantries
Lesson 6: Integration Orals and “Where are you learning Xhosa?”
Lesson 7: Clarification Phrases
Lesson 8: Assessments



Level 2 Dates


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LEVEL 2:  Confident Xhosa/Zulu Essentials Part 2 (8 classes)

Lesson 9:    Negatives and Clarification Phrases cont..
Lesson 10:  Past Tense and Negative Past Tense
Lesson 11:  Stative Verbs – i am hungry, etc
Lesson 12:  Asking/Answering Questions and Future Tense
Lesson 13:  Na as and / with / have
Lesson 14:  The Recent Past Continuous Tense and Verb extensions
Lesson 15:  Remote Past and Personal Details
Lesson 16:  Conversation Oral Assessments


Level 3 Dates

By demand or webinars 2018.  Subscribe or use contact form below for updates

isiXHOSA Level 3:  Intermediate isiXhosa Essentials (14 classes)

After a Level 2 recap, the Level 3 course starts with a quick but practical look at the Noun groups and how nouns function.  From there further verb constructs are learnt, covering all the essentials to bring you to an extremely strong foundation for isiXhosa speaking excellence.Lesson 17:  Revise Level 2
Lesson 18:  Noun Groups Summary
Lesson 19:  Applying the Noun Groups
Lesson 20:  The Locative – expressing place
Lesson 21:  Using Nga – expressing about, by means of
Lesson 22:  Object Concords (OC)
Lesson 23:  The Subjunctive, the potential and useful constructs
Lesson 24-30:  Application and Assessments


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I can’t think of anything to improve upon.  The facilitation was superb. They made sure to maintain a speed that was comfortable for everyone, and also made us feel at ease to ask questions throughout the course. 

The combination of the CD and book really worked well. The book was great for working in class and at home, while I found listening to the CD whilst driving to/from class was great to recap on the lesson.

The cultural pieces were so insightful and it offers so much more than simply learning the language without the context. 

The facilitator was hilarious and made a great effort to make sure we were enjoying the course and didn’t get lost along the way. The course also exposed me to many interesting, like-minded people which only made it all the more fun. 

Huge thank you to UBuntu Bridge for such outstanding work and efforts in bridging the gaps between the people of South Africa.  Enkosi”   Chanté Vi, 2016

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