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Nelson Mandela in one of his first public appearances in office, on May 10 1994, strongly urged all the people of South Africa to learn each other’s languages: “This is the best way to contribute to nation building and reconciliation,”

Mandela said. “Those among us who do not know Afrikaans must now learn to study this language. Those among us who do not know Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho must now learn to study these languages.”

So, in honour of Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, that we may continue his legacy, now that he has passed the baton on to all of us, and to honour all the non-English mother tongue speakers in South Africa (and Africa), we joyfully present:

 UBuntu Bridge’s FREE Online isiXhosa Learning tools
– Celebrating Mandela Day 2014 (and beyond)!

Imagine a world where we saw each other for more than who we appear to be and where we are from, that we all have long, difficult journeys, countless mixed ancestors living, struggling, fighting, giving, procreating, so that millions of combinations later, we are here, breathing, alive.  We are our Ancestors’ wildest dreams and we will live through our descendants.  Give thanks!  Makhosi!

The Crux:

When learning isiXhosa as an adult, or any language for that matter….

  • you need to develop a love for the spoken language and the people who speak it….
  • you need to gain confidence rapidly to enjoy interacting with Xhosa speakers in their language….
  • you need to learn from many types of teachers, including those who have walked the road before you and know where the difficulties lie…

So leave more tricky learning and grammar (like the noun groups) for a bit later!  The brain prioritises absorbing and remembering things it uses.  If it doesn’t see immediate practical application, it will delegate brain power to other distractions and demands, and boy do we have lots of those in modern society!

FREE Online Xhosa Options:

We have a number of innovative Free online Xhosa options for you to learn isiXhosa on social media platforms.

1. Instagram:

Follow us on Instagram @isiXhosa_gram to find numerous audio-pictures, which if you start at the beginning will teach you how to read and pronounce basic conversational Xhosa in an intuitive and practical way!

2. Memrise:

Head over to MEMRISE and complete a course put together by one of our ex-students, using our audio and printed materials.

3. UBuntu Bridge Video Channel on Youtube:

As always we seek to bring out inspiring and empowering video content on our YOUTUBE channel.  Make sure to click the red subscribe button and the little bell next to it for notifications of new videos!  If you are really adventurous, you can also learn via the lyrics in Quite a White Ou’s music videos.

4. Subscription:

You are also welcome to subscribe below for all sorts of other free lessons, giveaways and opportunities to learn and have fun, whilst building a more united South Africa, and a more integrated You.


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