Daily isiXhosa Phrases (Digital)



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Conversational isiXhosa Phrases – Booklet & Audio Learning Material

*See Discounts and concessions offered below.

This is an awesome companion or revision assistant to the Level 1-3 course materials, and it will even have you practicing along out loud.

You get:

  • digital E-booklet
  •  digital equivalent of 1 audio CD’s worth of interactive Mp3 tracks covering phrases in multiple contexts.
  • interactive audio means that they leave a space between the English and the Xhosa for you to pre-empt the answer and then another gap after the Xhosa for you to repeat the Xhosa out loud.
  • This helps the mind remember phrases, vocab, constructs, but also helps one begin to emulate the sounds and get a feel for the rhythm and sound of the language.


“THE CDS WERE GREAT!  They really help to get the sound, the rhythm and tempo of the language right” Gene Falk

“They are so straightforward and easy to follow, thanks.”  Leila Codron, Seva Unite

“UBuntu Bridge’s classes and materials inspired me more then I ever dreamed Xhosa classes would.  The side-effects have been the building of stronger relationships with some of my colleagues, building greater trust, and allowing me to feel genuinely part of the real society of our country. Alan Dickinson, SunAir

“Thank you for a fantastic training!!  I need to compliment you on the excellent quality of the CD’s and the learning materials. I am glad we chose UBuntu Bridge!”  Minnie Bentley, Cape Town Tourism

“For anyone wanting to learn Xhosa, I would highly recommend this course, it’s amazing how quickly you can pick it up with practice and was also very interesting to learn about the culture which enlightened me on some things I wondered about, like the loud speaking, but now I understand why it’s done this way by our Bhuti’s and Sisi’s” Revaan Jutzen, MHG


* DISCOUNTS:  We offer all students, all NPO employees, and anyone who is struggling financially, large discounts.  Just email us (sales@….etc) a copy of your Student card, NPO number, or motivating email and we will get back to you.  Please note that we only check emails weekly (for now).  Siyabulela! 

* PRICES:  We otherwise feel that our materials, lovingly crafted to support your learning journey, tried, tested and developed over many years of non-earning whilst journeying through the lesser advantaged sectors of our community are worth the same as many of the random things people spend this amount of money on.  Besides that the materials are essentially a course that can revolutionise your life and relationship to South African society.  Plus we need the support to cover our costs, thus we are very grateful for all purchases.  Enkosi!  Justification over 😉