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Let’s learn Xhosa together – Wamkelekile!

We offer a number of fun, convenient avenues for you to learn isiXhosa, all of which connect back to our mission of learning together, creating community, bridging gaps and building unity in our diverse communities.

Xhosa Online Courses 2022 DATES

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    Talk along, instructional and enjoyable English to Xhosa audio instructions with comprehensive PDF manual, as used in our courses. More info here:
    YhoXhosa (Yoga and Xhosa) in the Eastern Cape, supporting local small businesses and delighting in beauty and relaxation! More info here:

Which course is for you?

Each pathway will get you to the same place (which is talking Xhosa – we guarantee), and you just need to decide which way your budget and learning style prefers. Click here:


“This is the first online course I have signed up for and I think it is really excellent.

The weekly Zoom conversations hold me accountable to make sure I have gone through all the material, and I really feel like I am making practical progress. The tutors are legends.

Before signing up, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to learn a new language, but the way the course is structured really does make learning feel possible!

The additional lecture to briefly go over the content is also super helpful!

I don’t think there is much you can do to improve an already excellent experience.

Ndiyabulela for this course and your team!  Enkosi kakhulu!”

Samantha B, July 2020

Self-Study Digital Downloads


  • If you have discipline and motivation, and just want the course content on PDF with interactive audio for you to listen and practice along with on the go, then get the Conversational isiXhosa Level 1 Digital Download for R550. We have sold this product, or its previous version for 15 years to many happy customers!

Cultural & Language Immersions

YhoXhosa Village Retreats

  • In many ways the heart and roots of UBuntu Bridge, which started from a yoga practice in the lalies (rural villages), and a desire to build bridges of unity and shared prosperity in South Africa.
  • These retreats help nurture village communities and provide participants with an incredible relaxing experience of an older way of life.
  • An unforgettable, rare experience that dramatically improves your Xhosa speaking ability and appreciation of the culture!

A bit about UBuntu Bridge:

A mini doccie made about Craig Makhosi and UBuntu Bridge
Craig Makhosi’s Tedx Talk on the value of Learning marginalised languages