Audio Download Instructions

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Thanks again for your purchase!
You may receive other emails from our online store with instructions but here just in case.

Here is the recommended procedure, so try and let us know where you get stuck:


Currently you are able to download the files in the following ways:

  1. On any laptop/computer, to be added to your mp3 music player of choice (e.g. iTunes), and then synced to your phone.
  2. Direct to iPad/iPhone via download to the Files app.
  3. Via private Podcast (ready July 2020)


  1. Via laptop/computer to iTunes or other media players: Click the download link you received after your purchase.

-> ignore popups asking you to sign in or register for Dropbox.  Click X or ‘Close’.
-> Click “Download” in top right corner 
-> Click “Direct download” to laptop/computer
-> Save file to a convenient location on your computer
-> Once saved, right click the file – choose unzip / unarchive
-> Once unzipped, copy the mp3 files to your music playing app (itunes, etc), so that you can sync/transfer music to you phone/tablet the way you would with any other music you have. 

-> NOTE: make sure to keep the different LEVELS and also the different PARTS – Part 1 and Part 2 in their own separate playlists in your music library, otherwise you will have the audio tracks in confused order.  Part 1 covers the first half of the course and part 2 the second half. 

Finally, please download and store ASAP so as to avoid download links expiring. 

  1. For iPhones / iPad – to Files app:
    a) Click the link and either add to your dropbox OR choose “continue to website”.
    b) top right corner click the three dots (…)
    c) choose “direct download”
    d) once downloaded you will be able to open and play in your “Files” app.

Option 2 for iPhone/iPad:
a) Copy the audio files straight onto your laptop. (Not into iTunes)
b) From there, select a folder >
c) Right click to “Share” >
d) Choose “airdrop” >
e) Then airdrop files from laptop to phone/iPad.
f) It’s then saved ‘On My Phone’ using the ‘File’ icon on the phone/pad.
g) Play from the files app
h) to play from iTunes follow the first option at the top from your computer/laptop.

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Enjoy! Yonwabele!