Free Audio-visual Learning Tools

1.) The Clicks

isiXhosa has 3 clicks – the “X”-click, the “C”-click and the “Q”-click. Learning these are a great place to start with isiXhosa.


2.) The X-click

…also known as the horse-riding click



3.) The C-Click

… also known as the tut-tut click


4.) The Q-Click

… also known as the door-knocking click



5.) Excuse me, sorry, peace – Uxolo

Now put your X-click into practice!



6.) I am grateful – Ndiyabulela

Phrase Breakdown:

ndi – prefix for I / I’m

ya – a construct with no direct translation, but indicates present tense.

bulela – verb for grateful

Pronounciation Guide:   – Pronounce the first two together as if saying the country “India”, then add “boo – le – la”. – the accent in xhosa is on the second last syllable “le” – you stretch it out slightly – “in di ya bu leee la”  

Now listen to the audio file for proper pronunciation:


6 thoughts on “Free Audio-visual Learning Tools

  1. This is great! You make it so easy to understand. Ndiyabulela!

    1. Wamkelekile sisi, enkosi! (You are welcome)

  2. I would like to purchase the original cds if possible

    1. Hi Guy
      I dont really do postal stuff anymore, but im possibly driving thru knysna this weekend!
      Email me on sales at learnxhosa dot coza.

  3. Hello
    i’d like to purchase in a format to play in my car, CD or flashdrive. Is this possible?
    kind regards

    1. Hi Jacqui, yes that exactly what the digital downloads are for:

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