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UBuntu Bridge is launching a new Tswana division, based in Gaborone, Botswana, under the name Botho Bridge (Botho is the Sotho/Tswana word for ubuntu, which could also be interpreted as unity or collective consciousness, an innate sense that our humanity is based on our relationship to others).

UBuntu/BothoBridge Background:

Since 2006, UBuntu Bridge have provided the popular, flexible and highly affordable corporate Xhosa, Zulu  language and culture lessons, often praised for their team-building and reconciliation qualities.  The courses are about fundamental conversational ability and allow for further study of the language in any direction and to any degree.  We create a relaxed learning space that inspires enjoyment and confident learning.  We have facilitators in Cape Town, Johannesburg and now Gaborone, Botswana, as we proudly present……

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ABOUT Confident Tswana:

The Confident Tswana (Setswana) courses are fun and engaging and designed to meet the needs of adult, employed learners.

Facilitated by mother tongue teachers the materials and methodologies are based on the UBuntu Bridge approach to learning African languages as third languages, with over 10 years of experience.

Botho Bridge conducts popular and enjoyable classes to help adult learners become comfortable and confident in everyday conversational Tswana, through a mix of practical grammar, cultural insights and crucial vocabulary with fun, engaging facilitators


  • We provide fun and motivating facilitators, as well as audio and printed materials at your premises!
  • Our mother-tongue teachers are fun, inspiring and engaging, and have been trained to teach their own language as a foreign language.
  • We recommend class sizes of 10-14 people.
  • Each level is 8 lessons of 60 min, preferably twice a week, at your premises.
  • We need the first class to ideally be about 75 minutes long and everyone must attend as it sets the intentions, strategy and goals for the phases of the course.


  • We provide a great class energy that keeps a student motivated, focused, supported and encouraged.
  • Printed and audio materials (CDs which can be copied or downloaded onto computers, ipods, etc).
    External class support, including homework emails, Pin-up phrase sheets and email support.  Our CDs and manuals are renowned for their simplicity, quality and ‘edutainment’ value.
  • Vital African Culture Insights and awareness
  • Tswana Phrase-A-Day email subscriptions via twitter and facebook.
  • Class assessments and Certificates.
  • Fun Video ‘extra’ lessons via i-internet.

Conversational Tswana Essentials
(8 classes)

The Level 1 course and CDs focus on the essentials of learning to speak Tswana including:

  • pronunciation and greetings
  • identifying Tswana people
  • appropriate cultural insights
  • verb based sentence construction
  • “escape sentences” for when things get out of control
  • everything required for polite, social and respectful introductions.

Lesson 1: Pronunciation, reading the language and Greetings
Lesson 2: Introduction to Verbs and Prefixes
Lesson 3: Sentence Building Blocks and NB 1st Sentences
Lesson 4: Greetings, Names and Appropriate Titles
Lesson 5: Introductions and Pleasantries
Lesson 6: Integration Orals and “Where are you learning Tswana?”
Lesson 7: Clarification Phrases
Lesson 8: Assessments


“UBuntu Bridge’s classes inspired me more then I ever dreamed language classes would.  The side-effects have been the building of stronger relationships with some of my colleagues, building greater trust, and allowing me to feel genuinely part of the real society of our country.” – Alan Dickinson, Management Development Consultant, Applied Dynamics and Human Resource Director, SunAir International

“I enjoy learning it and I love the response I get from my colleagues.  It is most definitely a worthwhile course to do and I think the UBuntu Bridge team that taught us is wonderful and very professional.  I would strongly recommend that companies continue using them and most definitely continue presenting this course as part of the Business School HR initiative.  I wish I had this opportunity 20 years ago.  Finally, thank you for giving me this opportunity to enrich myself in a cultural and personal way.”  Regards, Mo van Niekerk, Old Mutual

About Tommy (lead Facilitator in Gaborone)

Tommy Pic 2

Tlhomamo “Tommy” Kebaabetswe lives in Gaborone, but originates from Serowe, in the central district of Botswana. He is formally educated as a scientist; with a double major is Chemistry and Environmental Science at the University of Botswana. His passion, however, has resided in the arena of the arts, with experiences in theatrical acting, and more recently, a published playwright. Tlhomamo joins BothoBridge as the first facilitator in Botswana.


Level 1 Confident Tswana: September 2016.
Level 2 Confident Tswana: November 2016.


Email us on (learntswana at gmail dot com) for more info or give us a call, or use the form below.

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  • which levels
  • probable number of delegates / learners
  • preferred days of the week and times
  • preferred starting dates
  • your location

Ke ya leboga!

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