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Bulungula Radio Project

After our trip in Hogsback at Terra-Khaya from the Festival of Trees, the UBuntu Bridge team drove towards the coast, heading to the Eastern Cape village of Bulungula/ Nqileni. Our purpose was to assist and support a local NPO, the Bulungula Incubator on their two newest exciting projects.

  1. Lazola Solani to assist in training and content production for their ‘Vibrant Villages’ Bulungula Radio Project.
  2. Opening of the Bulungula Collage in Xhora Mouth, with a Quite a White Ou performance

1.  Bulungula Radio Project

DJ MZU in Action:

The Bulungula Radio Project their newest project in this ‘Vibrant Villages’ programme area. Mzuzile has turned out to be a natural DJ talent! He has been creating much excitement with his great music content and lively radio presence. they can broadcast to all of the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area from the daily weather reports, theme music slots, and interviews are very popular. Mzu has been developing content from all the BI programme areas and will have regular weekly slots with discussion topics like: “The Importance of Early Childhood Care and Education”, “You Are Your Child’s First Teacher”, “Towards Zero-stunting”, “Excellent Small-scale Farming”, “Developing our Sports Leagues for young men and women”, “Developing a Healthy Lifestyle”, “Health in Pregnancy”.


We helped Mzu shape this programme and produce the show. Mzu also had the opportunity to interview Quite A White Ou in preparation for the big opening day of the Bulungula Collage the following day.

LISTEN to a clip from DJ Mzu’s Interview with QAWO (in isiXhosa).

Here is a video of their interview in the dark, after the lights failed, and dark storm broke out:

We are now working with BLG Radio and DJ Mzu to help raise funds for station development, and one of our first projects will be to create jingles and content for the station.

Lazola Solani, with her extensive community Radio experience and working with youth will be spear-heading the project with Bulungula Radio.


2.  Bulungula College 

Please see more information on the opening of the Bulungula College.  A dream and a magical day for the Bulungula village, after many years of having a high school that is more than a 2 hour walk which led to kids dropping out or never making it to high school. It was a rainy day and the ceremony was truly blessed.  Long live the new Bulungula College, Long live!

Opening ceremony for Bulungula Collage in Xhora Mouth,Bulungula


Quite A White Ou performed a song  ‘Ndingumlungu’ people loved it!!

FullSizeRender (1)
Quite A White Ou sings and dances for the people


The Bulungula Incubator is a non-profit organization established in 2007 although our work in the area began in 2004 with the establishment of the eco-sustainable and award winning community owned, Bulungula Lodge (  They are located in a remote rural area known as the Xhora Mouth Administrative Area which is based in the Mbhashe municipality on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. The Mbhashe municipality is one of the poorest and most beautiful in the country.  More info here:

Celebrations and TeamWork!
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