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isiZulu Holiday Phrases with Audio Download

These phrases and audio downloads accompany our most recent newsletter.  View a copy of it online here:

isiXhosa Version here:

LISTEN to pronunciations below:

DOWNLOAD the Audio here:  IsiZulu Xmas Phrases

Have a merry Christmas – Ube noKhisimusi omuhle

And a happy new year –  Niwudle kahle (Izilokotho zonyaka omusha)

Where are you going for the holidays? – Uyakuphi ngamaholide?

Me, I am going to …. – Mina ngiya e…..

When will you go? – Uzohamba nini?

I will go on… – Ngizohamba ngo…

When will you return – Uzobuya nini?

I will return on ….. – Ngizobuya ngo ……

Safe travels – Ndlelanhle!


NOTE:  i-Sales pitch:
The above phrases contain vocab and grammar from our Level 1 and 2 materials.
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How to Sing the South African National Anthem – Video

How to sing the South African national anthem

After the embarrassing debacles of South African singers not knowing how to sing the South African national anthem, we decided to make a little video series to help people to learn not only how to pronounce and sing the Xhosa/Zulu and Sotho/Tswana verses, but also what the individual words mean.

Verse 1:  isiXhosa/isiZulu

[easy-media med=”582″]

Verse 2:  seSotho / seTswana

[easy-media med=”2834″]


Sing a long and enjoy!  This hymn is a blessing!

Some Feedback:

“I Really loved today’s choir dittie ! I was so impressed by the ‘choir’ music that I clean forgot to listen to the words ;). My son and I have been struggling with this last part for a long time now ( he is in Gr 2), but now we are getting it, thanks to you!”

UBuntu Bridge fan, Liesel Nel

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