Culture Tours FAQ’s

Question : When is the next one?
Answer : Dates are not set and tours are made on demand, See:

Question : How much will you learn?
Answer : As much as you put in, but the sheer exposure will improve your isiXhosa in ways that are not just limited to vocab. Its about your ear too.

Question : Does it matter what level isiXhosa I am at?
Answer : Whatever level you are at, you will improve it and move up.

Question : How long do I need to go for until I can speak isiXhosa?
Answer : We recommend 7-10 days initially but the journey of learning isiXhosa will last you years depending on what you put in.

Question : Where is the village?
Answer : Mdumbi is near Coffee Bay, Hamberg is near East London and Bulungula is also near Coffee bay, all in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Question : When can I go?
Answer : Whenever you want, just let us know the dates.  If it’s you alone, we can put you in touch with contacts in the villages.  We need a group of 5-10 to make it viable for us to be involved in co-ordination and facilitation.

Question : is it dangerous?
Answer : There are always risks involved, but in 12 years of going to and from the villages we have never had an incident and experience the village to be way safer then even our comfy neighbourhoods at home. You do go at your own risk and you are required to sign an indemnity form, but in general it is a warm and wonderful experience.  We have taken groups of women of all backgrounds, high school kids, students, all sorts.

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