General FAQ’s

Question : How do i join the newsletter?
Answer : go to and click on Newsletter link on the right of the page.  Or see to the right on this very page….

Question : Who is the guy in white and why is he dressed so funny?
Answer : That is CraigiejiMakhos, founder of UBuntu Bridge who lived for 8 months as trainee sangoma (doctor) in a rural village. He believes that his calling was not to become a traditional doctor but rather to build bridges between the different cultures in SA through language and culture lessons as well as cultural immersion experiences.  Click here for his Ted talk:


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  1. Gerrie Botha30/03/2016 at 3:24 pm #

    Hi there, I am interested To know if you have a Zulu option aswell. I love the Zulu culture and people and would really like to communicate well with these interesting people.

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