Xhosa Products FAQ’s

Question : What level am I at and what is covered on what Cds/Mp3s. Which one is right for me?
Answer : See detailed CD/Course content here: (http://www.learnxhosa.co.za/courses/overview/). Level 1 is designed for absolute beginners who know nothing. However, many people who did know those basics found it extremely useful to recover it and get a feel for the way in which our style of Xhosa teaching is structured. Re-covering the content will increase your knowledge and your confidence.

Question : How effective will I find your Audio lessons (Cds/Mp3s)?
Answer : You will find the CDs/Mp3s and manuals very effective. They are great leaning tools for the car, your Ipod/Mp3 player or for learning on the go.  Many people prefer using them to attending a course.

Question : How will your CDs help me in learning this language?
Answer : What’s great about the CDs is that they have a unique way of introducing the underlying grammar and structure of Xhosa sentences in a way that is practical, simple and immediately usable and practical in conversational contexts. The Cds teach and explain in clear English, with silent spaces for the listener to practice and repeat what they hear. Throughout the Cd, the English is spoken, a pause follows for the listener to attempt the answer, thereafter the Xhosa is pronounced clearly, followed by another pause for the listener to repeat the Xhosa out loud. It helps you to develop a feel for the rythym, tempo and pronunciation of the language. The manuals are clear, user-friendly and well structured.

Question:  How many MB data are the digital downloads?

Level 1:  500MB
Level 2:  290MB
Level 3:  300MB



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