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The Challenges for Schools teaching isiXhosa

We get that schools have a difficult time providing excellent Xhosa lessons in three regards:

  1. motivating learners, who do not always experience an urgent need to learn the language every day
  2. finding time to squeeze isiXhosa into an already jam-packed curriculum
  3. finding engaging teachers, who know how to teach their language as a foreign language (and when you do, what curriculum do they follow and materials do they use?)

We believe we have a solution, which we would only be able to implement with a good amount of support.  Using Quite a White Ou’s music and videos to inspire and motivate, and UBuntu Bridge’s team of facilitators, materials and cultural interaction events, we provide an wholistic,  practical, relevant, contemporary, empowering and, most of all, fun solution.

Read the 5 steps below, all of which are independent of each other, but are perhaps best done in the following order:

1. Fun Workshops

The starting point would be a workshop where we come in to the school to motivate and inspire the learners.

Our talks, presentations, videos and performances are intended to inspire and motivate kids of all ages!  A funtastic way to inspire interest at school!

Craig has presented and facilitated at a number of schools, including Bishops College, SACS Prep school, Somerset House and others.

Check out some recent visits to schools to inspire the learners:

Makhosi addressing the Grade 4-5 Questions
The kids practice the handshakes amongst themselves!


An example video of our Workshops:

2. School Xhosa Video Demos:

From there, learners can engage our edutaining video series, available online for learners to learn in their own time, and also creating the structural form, upon which teachers could support and build in class.

View a few demo videos we made below.  We are constantly seeking funding or sponsors to produce more of the series.  Please comment or email us if you wish to be involved!

[easy-media med=”567,570,582,577″ col=”2″]

3.  Culture Trips

If you want kids to learn a language, get them excited and give them a reason!
Our Cultural trips are a life-changing experience, connecting learners to the heartbeat of our country.

Read more here:  http://www.learnxhosa.co.za/village-homestays-tours-township-cultural-immersions/


uKhanya nosapho lwakhe (Tom and his host family)

4.  Teacher Support

We would love to be able to empower teachers with our easy to use tools and our teaching methodologies, which essentially function as “teaching Xhosa as a foreign language”, the quivalent to Engish’s TEFL.

However it would need support and sponsorship from someone or some organisation.

Comment below if you can offer support.

5. Read more here on our Vision for vernac learning at Schools:



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4 thoughts on “UBuntu Bridge School Xhosa Solutions

  1. I would love to teach IsiXhosa to foreigners especially abroad. Can the organisation help me with material maybe?

    1. Will email you Bongi!

  2. Hi

    I am a homeschooler and would like to teach my child, myself and husband Xhosa as a foreign language. Would we be able to get a course from you?

    1. Hi sis Nicoline
      Absolutely, you will love our materials and courses for that!
      Email or whatsapp us for more info: +27835661182

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