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UBuntu Bridge Dance Workshops at the Festival of Trees and eco week in Hogsback 2017!

The Hogsback Festival of Trees is a three day (22-24September 2017) eco friendly Festival that began in 2013 where hundreds of people gather to plant thousands of trees and grow more enchanted forests in the Amathole Mountains. The festival is hosted by Terra-Khaya “Earth Home Project” partnering with Greenpop to host the tree planting day.

The Festival of Trees opened on Friday night with a beautiful and moving Ceremony by Xhosa Traditional Healers.  Craig Charnock, founder of UBuntu Bridge, was invited to do the opening context for the ceremony, as well as do a motivational talk on his journey of bridging, building communities through language learning and teaching, much like his Ted Talk.  He spoke about the opportunity of being in Hogsback at the Amathole Mountains as a great chance for people to learn the local, indigenous language, when in indigenous lands and surrounded by the indigenous people.  Understanding our diversity and being part of a multicultural worldview is a gift that we should all take advantage of.

Afro Dance Workshop

On Saturday afternoon after we planted about 3000 trees people had the opportunity to celebrate by participate in our fun Afro Dance Workshop. We pride ourselves for making people have the most fun by learning the basics of Ibhasi also known as electric slide and Umxhentso (traditional Xhosa dance) to South African music.

Ibhasi is one of those dances that everyone should know, it’s a dance for everyone by everyone, together. It is normally enjoyed by both kids and adults sometimes its done at weddings, staff party, celebration etc. We teach Ibhasi because people learn to move together as a community, we learn from each other and sometimes you feel like a fool for getting a step wrong but as we have seen on many occasions people move on and continue dancing anyway (and that’s the fun part).  Much like learning a new language and getting the support you need to keep going.

Umxhentso is traditional Xhosa dance it’s performed as a way to connect and communicate with your ancestors. This dance gives you a sense of connection to the rhythm of Africa. It energizes you, a good workout for your legs and its really great fun!

Eco Week  daily Xhosa classes 25-29 September 2017

UBuntu Bridge was also invited to be part of this great initiative, where we offered isiXhosa daily classes for an hour.  The classes were affordable, fun and inspiring, and covered our materials in a more creative and advanced way.  In addition we would would like to encourage more people to take this opportunity next year at the Festival of Trees in Hogsback to stay for the eco week and join the amazing workshops offered. It was great joy to be able to teach in a beautiful environment with a stunning view from Terra- Khaya. We hope to see you next year in our daily Xhosa classes.

Image By Dana
Teaching greetings Image By Dana

About Terra Khaya

Off the beaten track, off the grid and off the hook, Terra-Khaya is a vibrant mountain-top sanctuary high in the hills of Hogsback. A warm welcome awaits wild wanderers, families and conscious explorers in our creative and comfy eco-lodge; built from nature, recycled materials and passion. Enjoy good times & healthy cooking in our permaculture paradise – run on renewable energy and vibrant community spirit.



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