Fun African Language and Culture Workshops

UBuntu Bridge facilitators Craig Makhosi Charnock, Lazola MaDuka Solani and Deon Nebulane, facilitate interactive, fun, flexible ‘ice-breaker’ workshops, which include teachings, activities and discussions that can interweave the following themes and content, or focus on a few specific topics:

  • fun, basics of isiXhosa language
  • confident conversations
  • cultural insights
  • music, song, dance

Content of our Workshops:

Can comprise elements of ALL of the following and can be customised or focussed according to situations and time!

Watch the Promo vid we did for the KaosPilots


Around the role of language in diversity and multiculturalism, much like the TED talk below, stories and insights help highlight the benefits of engaging meaningfully with indigenous cultures, how honouring, respecting and including the previously disadvantaged is beneficial for our greater good, and how language learning is a vital part of that process.

Watch the Ted Talk here:

LANGUAGE LESSONS – isiXhosa and isiZulu

Covering a brief history of the language and its people and their connection to the Khoisan peoples.  We teach the famous clicks, how to read, pronounce, greet, introduce and great strategies for learning as an adult  (for a free video course, click here).  With just an hour we can give visitors or locals of this country a tremendous language confidence boost!

Watch this video on how to do the X click for a taste of how we teach:


Designed to bring insight and respect for aspects of ‘Africa’ culture long misunderstood, or disrespected.  We share fascinating and relevant insights around traditional medicine, the practicality of ubuntu, initiations for men and women, lobola or cows as currency in marriage negotiations, etc.


Which energise, provide a tangible sense of connection to the rhythm of Africa, and are great fun!


Including the Click song, the South African National Anthem, Sangoma songs, children’s songs (easy and meaningful)


Around privilege and prejudice

Workshop Duration and Flexibility

They are flexible according to the time limits and needs of particular groups, and learning materials are included where appropriate.  They often include elements of historical context, learning the clicks, pronunciation, basic greetings and handshakes, confidence equipping tools and techniques, cultural insights, videos, the relevance of ubuntu in the modern business world and global society, forgotten aspects of African medicine and the notion of ‘the calling’, its poetic representation in the “Click song”, which we learn to sing, and practice of the traditional Sangoma dance-step ukuxhentsa, the base of African rhythm.  All in all, it is a fun, participatory, empowering experience for audiences of all sizes!

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