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Haibo! Andiyazi! Audio CD description.

My audio Cds are mainly me doing the speaking, and they are designed intuitively, based on my learning and teaching process. Essentially, the elements of grammar and learning are explained as I do live in my class, and in the accompanying manual, so they can be listened to alone (e.g. in your car), or used in conjunction with the manual.

I always give the english first, followed by a gap for you to pre-empt the Xhosa, which then follows, followed by another gap for you to repeat the word. Its really well done and I have been complemented for years by native speakers for my ‘sound’, pronunciation and the way I speak the language. But that said, I have learnt as an adult, so I know what helps an an adult learner, the speed and clarity with which to speak, etc for your learning benefit.

There are times when lists of vocab are only said once, but you can always repeat the track, testing your self. Their are also tracks where the words are repeated numerously if thought appropriate and the tracks are numerous, so if you wish to repeat one, you don’t have to listen to whole previous sections.

I believe it is the best learning tool for absolute beginners that there is, and it seems that almost all who have heard think so too, including teacher educators, other Xhosa teachers and people who have done other courses before mine and bought other learning materials before.

Anyway, there are some audio samples on the website: Audio Downloads, including the X click and the national anthem (me singing – now there’s an ego shrinker if ever there was one). Otherwise you will just have to take a chance, or not. i do not know of any others like it.

I can also email the manuals to you before hand for you to peruse, and assess the content, which is also listed on the above linked page.

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