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isiZulu Holiday Phrases with Audio Download

These phrases and audio downloads accompany our most recent newsletter.  View a copy of it online here:

isiXhosa Version here:

LISTEN to pronunciations below:

DOWNLOAD the Audio here:  IsiZulu Xmas Phrases

Have a merry Christmas – Ube noKhisimusi omuhle

And a happy new year –  Niwudle kahle (Izilokotho zonyaka omusha)

Where are you going for the holidays? – Uyakuphi ngamaholide?

Me, I am going to …. – Mina ngiya e…..

When will you go? – Uzohamba nini?

I will go on… – Ngizohamba ngo…

When will you return – Uzobuya nini?

I will return on ….. – Ngizobuya ngo ……

Safe travels – Ndlelanhle!


NOTE:  i-Sales pitch:
The above phrases contain vocab and grammar from our Level 1 and 2 materials.
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