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Kasi Bioscope – Mobile Township Cinema Project

UBuntu Bridge will be launching a new project in May 2016.

Kasi Bioscope.

Basically setting up of pop-up events that collaborate with township communities and centralise around a mobile cinema.  Local food and drinks will be on sale, as well as other community enterprises.

Its also an opportunity for people to practice their isiXhosa language skills with tutors present to assist.

Films screened will be documentaries such as:

– Music is the weapon (Fela Kuti)
– An upright Man (Thomas Sankara)
– Fantastic Man (William Onyeabor)
– Baraka
– Beyond the Rainbow
– Shore Break
– Miners Shot Down
– etc

As well as more popular films that have strong social themes.

First event weekend of Fri 20th May 2016.  Details soon come!

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