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Learn Xhosa E-Learning Launched

Hi, our online learning is currently a two pronged approach:

1. Xhosa Online Learning Environment
View here:

Description: Read more online, but basically the whole text, audio and video content of my first lesson as taught in my courses, with pronounciations, the clicks, greetings, good-byes as well as cultural tips to help you in everyday interaction. Learn online!

To enter: I have set it up so that guests may enter the site provided they have an enrolment key or password which is “ubuntu”. Click on the above weblink and go to the home page.

To get into the course you will need to click on the LearnXhosa Level 1 link in the centre of the page. This will take you to a page where you should enter the enrolment key (ubuntu) and click on “enrol me in this course”. From then on you will be able to access the site freely.

NOTE: Do not click Login as you wont be able to access the site. Rather enter the enrolment key (ubuntu) and click on “enrol me in this course”.

It is free to try for a limited time. All we ask in return is for you to give us brief, but WRITTEN ( feedback, comments, suggestions. Thank you!

2. Xhosa Phrase-A-Day
View here:

Description: A simple email with a phrase and audio file or movie file to help you pronounce it correctly. You need to engage with a language daily to really grow in it. This is just the right amount for daily consumption in a busy world.



5 thoughts on “Learn Xhosa E-Learning Launched

  1. It says this course is not enrollable at the moment 🙁

  2. Yes, I get the same message: Not enrollable at the moment!

  3. hi guys
    sorry, please try again….

  4. was my fault, i had set the enrolment to close on 31 may. is open now…

  5. I’ve just worked through the first lesson – although I was unable to view the video, I managed to listen to the audio and it helped a great deal.I think this is an awesome way to learn isiXhosa, Keep up the good work. Looking forward to lesson 2!

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