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LOKOH Laaties with UB inspiring our kids to grow up tri-lingual


On the 30th July 2016 Quite A white Ou with UBuntu Bridge were invited by LOKOH to be part of their very first LOKOH Laaities experience as volunteer facilitators.  This was an event for kids (with their parents) from all different backgrounds to engage them in all sort of fun stuff including laughing yoga, story telling, gardening, face painting, drawing and learning about the importance of different languages we have in South Africa but most importantly the ones we have here in the Western Cape.

Lokoh 1pg
Preparing for some YOGA!!

Our main goal  as UBuntu Bridge was to ensure that the kids are inspired to grow up tri-lingual. We taught the kids (all under the age of 13) the different clicks we have in the Xhosa language.

Makhosi teaching the kids how to click!

It was great to see how easy the kids were able to adapt to the clicks sounds and in no time everyone was able to do the X, C and Q clicks, which are the three clicks found in isiXhosa and isiZulu.

Learning to say “thank you” in many languages!

We taught them how to introduce themselves in Xhosa, it was great fun to see these young ones having fun whilst learning this beautiful language.

The event was entertaining and educational the kids had fun.  It was indeed the ultimate family gathering were adults learned from the kids on how to let go and be open to learning new things with people they didn’t know at all.

Founded the year 2015 December LOKOH is a Lifestyle Brand providing a platform, network & community inspiring change, connection & empowerment on an individual and collective level.
They believe that regardless of age, experience or background, we must unite as one.  -“Like our vibe, join our tribe”

We had so much fun and if you would like to know more events that LOKOH has, be sure to check out their facebook page LOKOH 

Getting some help with our improvised poster for the day!!
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