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Long-distance Learning options

If you wish to study from a distance you have a few options.

1. Ordering the CDs. These are great for self-study. I teach over the Cds, with which you interact verbally, and the manuals make it clear. Starting with the first two I would suggest as a minimum and working through all four would be ideal. See Cd structures and costs here:

2. The online learning environment: this is in development, but I can finish it off quickly. Id like you to test the first lesson for me and let me know how it is working for you.

Xhosa Online Learning Environment
View here:
Description: Read more online, but basically the whole text, audio and video content of my first lesson as taught in my courses, with pronounciations, the clicks, greetings, good-byes as well as cultural tips to help you in everyday interaction. Learn online!

To enter: I have set it up so that guests may enter the site provided they have an enrolment key or password which is “ubuntu”.
Click on the above weblink and go to the home page. To get into the course you will need to click on the LearnXhosa Level 1 link in the centre of the page. This will take you to a page where you should enter the enrolment key (ubuntu) and click on “enrol me in this course”. From then on you will be able to access the site freely.

NOTE: Do not click Login as you wont be able to access the site. Rather enter the enrolment key (ubuntu) and click on “enrol me in this course”.

FEEDBACK including constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

3. Skype lessons: After working through the above options, if you still need some live tutoring or you want someone to practice speaking with, you have the option of skype lessons.

We can converse with you and explain things that need explaining. Its an excellent way to keep your Xhosa in practice, especially if in a country where no one speaks Xhosa.

Or you could work through the first two beginners CDs (i.e. from scratch):

Or the third and fourth CDs:
These are generally better suited to those with a intermediate ability who are looking to practice and actually use the language whilst they are in a circumstance with few Xhosa speakers. However, anyone of any level could benefit from these lessons over the web.

We teach in 30 minute (R250). Special rates if you pay for a number of lessons upfront. 5 x 30 minute lessons for R1100.

For all options, please email:

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