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Makhosi and Jerome teaching isiXhosa and discussing culture on Cape Pulpit Radio


4 thoughts on “Makhosi and Jerome teaching isiXhosa and discussing culture on Cape Pulpit Radio

  1. Molweni! I really enjoyed listening to the radio podcasts from CapePulpit. Very helpful indeed! It seemed, though, that the ninth part was not the last one. Where can I listen to the later sessions, please? Enkosi kakhulu!

    1. Hi Charis
      Im not sure, maybe try pulpit radio themselves….?

  2. Hey guys
    Thanks for your work at Ubuntu bridge, you were one of the reasons I was inspired to study Xhosa.

    I’ve kind of hit a plateau though. I first worked through Craig’s Xhosa courses levels 1-3, then the whole Complete Xhosa book by Kirsch & Skorge, which is the most comprehensive course I’ve found so far. I’m really trying to take my Xhosa further and can’t seem to find any appropriate learning material. I’d really like to find some audio material (not for beginners and without English) and just more example language (audio/script) in context.
    Let me know if you have any ideas… Thanks!
    Oh, and I live overseas so that’s why I’m looking learning resources…
    Nizipathe kakuhle bahlobo bam!

    1. Thanks Stefan,
      Thats great to hear! Well done!

      Some of my preferred resources I cannot find available or even mentioned online, so not sure if they would help.

      Perhaps try:

      Xhosa literature, such as:


      Buy BONA Magazine in XHosa, and buy the English of the same issue….

      And try watching Xhosa videos online:

      Hope that helps!

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