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Supported Online Xhosa Courses Launched

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Future enrollment deadline: to be announced via newsletter

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Why do this course online?

  • Work through the content at your own pace, whenever you want
  • Practical and fun lessons comprising video, text, and audio downloads
  • But with weekly structured guidance from a live tutor via
    • Whatsapp
    • Zoom / webinars
    • Facebook Support group.
  • Weekly check-ins with your teacher and fellow students, allows for you to stay on track, be motivated and get results.

“Getting personalised, online learning support contributes massively to course completion rates.”

Can I do it anytime?

  • The supported course only opens occasionally, and we guide you over 8 weeks.
  • Next enrollment deadline:  See Upcoming Course options
  • Future enrollment deadline:  to be announced via newsletter
  • The supported course will run for 8 weeks for you to complete the content.
  • You can join at other times, but will need to wait for a new cycle of supported weekly lectures or join our weekly open sessions, where all content can be practiced, but has less time flexibility.


  • We have the following limited discounts available,
  • of the full price, not sales prices
  • subject to change without notice
  • enquire by email:
    • 10% sale for first timers with UBuntu Bridge
    • 50% sale for previous live course students of the same level, since 2005 (i.e. it is a chance to repeat the course)


  • pronouncing words and names correctly!
  • master the Clicks quickly!
  • useful cultural insights
  • reading the language like a pro
  • learn crucial sentence Building Blocks so you understand how to build sentences
  • confidently say the most important sentences there are when learning Xhosa!
  • use the most respectful and friendly titles
  • greeting individuals and groups with confidence
  • introduce yourself politely
  • learn to recognise and answer the “Inevitable Xhosa Questions”, that you will always be asked by Xhosa speakers!
  • learn clarification Phrases to help you get clarity and understanding, but using Xhosa!
  • polite and slang Farewells


  • fun and easy to use online learning environment
  • great videos
  • excellent interactive audio (downloadable if paying full price)
  • Text, structure and PDF lessons from our flagship courses
  • Pin-up Phrase Sheets (downloads)



  • a whatsapp group for questions
  • small group Zoom sessions with Deon, our mother-tongue Xhosa guide, each week, to practice, test, ask questions and connect
  • support from teachers and your fellow learners in a community facebook group
  • Webinars for Questions & Answers


  • You have 8 weeks to do the course, with support from the tutors
  • This means you do about one lesson every week, similar to our live courses (which are usually one hour, plus 30 mins homework every week)
  • You can move at a quicker pace if you want, or just practice even more and make sure you learn the content thoroughly. 
  • Also you cover the lesson any time of day that you want, though if you want to join a 30 min Zoom class, you will need to join one of the many scheduled options
  • There is also a weekly Open class, for any content, in case you move at your own pace through the course

Student Feedback:
“I have been to three Xhosa courses before, but for the first time did I learn how to construct sentences and hey, wena NDITHETHA NGOKU (I talk now!)”

– Philip J O, a.k.a. Mzivukile – Chief Executive Officer, Machaira Group (PTY) LTD


Deon Xhamela Nebulane:
Mother tongue speaker and co-lead facilitator at UBuntu Bridge for 0ver 10 years, Deon Nebulane, will provide live support on whatsapp, Zoom and the Facebook support group, as you progress through the course to ensure your engagement, enjoyment and completion.  Deon teaches regularly in large corporations, government department and NGOs all over Cape Town.

Founder of UBuntu Bridge and course content creator, Craig Makhosi, learnt Xhosa as an adult, and is still learning :).  This is why he has such deep empathy for beginners to advanced learners and why he is able to teach at a level that people are able to understand and grasp quickly.  He will teach you practical strategies and lead you through all the essentials of basic Xhosa conversational skills, primarily using videos, but also providing downloadable, interactive audio files and an e-book!

Student Feedback:
“The course has improved my respect and communication with Xhosa people.
– Theo S (WCGRB) 

“Highly recommended. The lessons are straightforward, well spelled-out, paced correctly and broad enough to cover the basics.”
– Linda C, Communications Manager at Mothers2mothers NGO

ABOUT UBuntu Bridge:

Since 2006, we have been teaching beginners to speak isiXhosa. With thousands of happy students and hundreds of thousands of views on our Youtube Videos, we are one of the most popular and enjoyed course providers in Mzantsi (South Africa), Wakhanda, (sorry.. Makhanda) and even eMerika.
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Student Feedback:

“The teachers genuinely understood our frustration of trying to grasp the clicks and the grammar and was incredibly patient with all of us. Their obvious enthusiasm and love of Xhosa was infectious! ” Corrin H ,Crisis Manager, Price Waterhouse Coopers

“The way the course is presented by you is really great. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and the students participate easily. We really enjoyed the experience and will promote your course further amongst our colleagues” – Wynand Vivier Dept of Premier – CEI, Cape Town