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SUPPORTED Online Xhosa Course Level 2




Are you ready for LEVEL 2:

Keen to move from beginner to conversational speaker?

We are here to help keep you building conversational competence and confidence through:

This is the worthwhile Xhosa conversational beginners course you have been looking for.  It covers all the most practical essentials of grammar and vocab, using and learning only what is immediately needed in conversations.

Conversational Content:

  • Focussing purely on practical application of new content learnt
  • Practicing isiXhosa Qha!
  • New conversationally useful content each week, over 8 weeks


View the online platform, the course curriculum and ALL info (below or) on the course at this link:


When does the next Course start?

  • The next supported course runs: (03 August 2020 – 28 September)
  • Next enrollment deadline:  Friday 31 July 2020 (while spaces last)
  • Early Pay Discounts until end of Tuesday 14th July 2020, or by announcements

Future enrollment deadline: to be announced via newsletter



Choice of Two-Track content: Easy and Deeper

  • EASY track: if you find yourself in a rush in any or all weeks, just learn the key phrases from our summary lesson, then practice them in your zoom session, and you will be on track to finish the course!
  • DEEPER track: includes all relevant grammar and vocab and additional content for those who want to engage the material more thoroughly.



Facilitated Focus Sessions:

  • WEEKLY, flexible, Conversational Zoom sessions:
  • (Now 3 students max in a class over 15 minutes) for more focus and less time commitment for you!


Bonus – Weekly lectures:

  • We are excited to say that we will be offering a weekly lecture at the beginning of each week, for anyone to attend, followed by a short Q & A.
  • Lectures will be recorded and replays made available.
  • Lectures provide an overview of the essential content for that week and give you an extra level of support to stay on track!
  • Lectures will cover the easy and deep track content for that week!



What will you learn?

  • new vital vocab, only the most important and useful words, not just long vocab lists!
  • balanced with useful and practical grammar insights
  • asking and answering common questions
  • confident use of clarification Phrases to help you get clarity and understanding, but using Xhosa!
  • Negatives
  • Past and Future Tense
  • Speaking about time!
  • Dramatically improved speaking confidence

View Course Curriculum here:

Student Feedback:

“Love the lessons; bite-size/easily digestible and not intimidating at all. Thanks UBuntu noMakhosi!”
L Van Zyl

“I feel far more able to hold a conversation and I am more willing to engage with people. It opens up a whole new dimension to living in my own country.”
Dr K Meiring




  • includes access to online course and all course materials
  • Downloadable eBook & audio mp3s
  • Fun edutaining Videos
  • with email / whatsapp reminders 
  • final assessment session 
  • Plus Facebook community support group access
  • Plus bonus weekly lecture / replays


PACKAGE 2 – “AMA-ZOOMZOOM”: (limited number available)

  • Everything from Ama-BareBones package
  • 8 x Weekly, flexible Zoom Focus sessions 
  • (choosing from flexible available slots, each week)
  • Small groups, for focussed short sessions


PACKAGE 3 – “AMA-COACH”: (*only 5 per course*)

  • everything from the above packages
  • Plus 4 x additional Coaching and Mastermind sessions 





  • For anyone struggling financially, especially South Africans, please just let us know, and we can share available discounts.
  • All discounts via email


Founder of UBuntu Bridge, Craig Makhosi, learnt Xhosa as an adult, and is still learning.  This is why he has such deep empathy for beginners to advanced learners and why he is able to teach at a level that people are able to understand and grasp quickly.  He will teach you practical strategies and lead you through all the essentials of basic Xhosa conversational skills, primarily using videos, sometimes with the help of Lazola and Zikhona), but also providing downloadable audio files and text lessons!

Deon Xhamela Nebulane:
Mother tongue speaker and co-lead facilitator at UBuntu Bridge for 0ver 10 years, Deon Nebulane, will provide live support on whatsapp, Zoom and the Facebook support group, as you progress through the course to ensure your engagement, enjoyment and completion.  Deon teaches regularly in large corporations, government department and NGOs all over Cape Town.


ABOUT UBuntu Bridge:

Since 2006, we have been teaching beginners to speak isiXhosa. With thousands of happy students and hundreds of thousands of views on our Youtube Videos, we are one of the most popular and enjoyed course providers in Mzantsi (South Africa), Wakhanda, (sorry.. Makhanda) and even eMerika (kwaTrump).
Read more here:

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Ama-BareBones, Ama-ZoomZoom, Ama-Coach


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