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Quite a White Ou second track: Hayibo!

When I wrote Hayibo, it was with great sadness for the deeply entrenched corruption in our global economic system and the continued imbalances, which we now see manifesting in such tragedies as the Marikana Massacre. Whilst people suffer for sub-minimum wages, their bosses buy hummers and multiple holiday homes, so many of us who claim to care, continue to buy designed-redundancy junk and consume our time and energy on self-centred and futile pursuits. Just a little more giving in meaningful ways, by each of us and the world will keep changing for the better, but as long as we continue to put our money where our hearts aren’t, then its going to keep getting worse!

Remember, a great way to learn a language is through music, so get singing along:
Lyrics below:
FREE DOWNLOAD of Second track from Quite A White Ou, paying homage to reggae and ragga sound systems, and bringing a more serious tone to this emerging artist’s voice. Hayi bo! Featuring Teba, the Original Social Worker.

Hayibo (feat Teba)

Intro by Teba: “Ek se yamvala? uthini bafethu, lengamla! Umlungu uthini man mfondini? Uthetha ungathi uyabhuda nje? Thetha siphulaphule nje. Phulaphula!

“Yo, I say, brothers, what’s this white guy saying, is he just talking nonsense? Speak then, we are listening. Pay attention everyone!”

Verse 1

Sifuna inkululeko kodwa abantu baninzi We looking for freedom but so many people
Bathanda ukuthenga izinto ezininzi They like to buy so many things
Sizama ukumosha lomhlaba nabantu Are we trying to mess up this land and its people
Nezilwanyana neentyatyambo And the animals and the flowers

Chorus 1

Ndithi, hayibo , ndithi hayibo I say “Gosh” – (despairingly) , I say “Gosh”
X 4
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hayibo x 4

Verse 2

Ndihayika entabeni I hike on the mountain
Ndikhangela lendawo I check out this place
Siyaphi thina ndiyabuza kubawo Where are we going, I ask to the father
Masivule indlebe asimameli kumama Lets open our ears, we are not listening to the mother
Yiyo loonto sisathenga iHumma That is why we are still buying Hummers

Chorus 2

Ndithi, hayibo , ndithi hayibo I say “Gosh” – (despairingly) , I say “Gosh”
X 4
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh hayibo x 4

Ragga Verse:

Corruption no gonna work
Righteousness have to rule this here earth
You could break uno leg
If uno rob people, and your belly pretty fat
Raise your hands in the air
If you support this family affair, well
Peace and love we declare
Quite a White Ou and Teba
We care. Kaboom.

Chorus 1 repeat.

Verse 3:

Vukani madoda masincedisane Wake up, men, we must help each other
Kubi ukucinga uba asifani Its bad to think we are different
Yintoni impendulo andiyazi What is the answer I don’t know
Ukuhlisa umoya siyakwazi Let’s bring more spirit to earth

Chorus 2 repeat


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