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  1. Thanks for the free singles! I have been patiently waiting to purchase your Xhosa lessons and I am most excited!

    1. Pleasure, Candice!

  2. Just to confirm, with regards to the mega digital combo 1-3, it is all downloadable? No hard copy material that needs to be delivered?

    Basically, can I download it if I am outside the country?

  3. Is this program downloaded to computer and or phone?
    Is it interactive with tests and puzzles?
    Is it Apple Mac compatible?

    1. Hi Sandy
      Not games and puzzles, just PDF, audio and logical, practical progression of content, ensuring confident usage!
      Yes to mac compatible!

    2. Hi Sandy
      check out our Memrise course for games to help you learn: https://www.memrise.com/course/1728319/learning-isixhosa-with-ubuntu-bridge/

  4. Hi Craig. Quick thanks for your free online lessons. I’ve been having a lot of fun so far and learning a lot. Quick question, I’ve purchased your Xhosa Level 1 Wednesdays course as well as a voucher to get more videos on the phone app, however I haven’t received any details for the voucher. How do I go about getting the voucher to unlock more videos?

    Ndiyabulela Enkosi.

    1. Shani, thanks we are trying to resolve that issue!
      Will email you direct!

    2. Hi Shani
      We are trying to resolve that issue at present. Apologies, will let you know!

  5. I am having some trouble paying with the pay fast. It won’t accept my email checkin. How do I move on so I can pay and download the full pack with Level 1-3?

    1. Hi Marte
      Im not sure why you are having a trouble with that.
      Others are checking in every day and no problems.
      I will email you an alternative method though!

  6. Is the live training available as an online course?

    1. Yes coming soon! Will update you!

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