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Somerset House’s Star Xhosa Pupil loving learning isiXhosa

Meet Lee!

At Somerset House Primary School when we were invited to do a talk (see full story here) on the importance of learning indigenous languages. And that’s where we met the amazing Lee.

A while back Quite A White Ou received a beautiful inspiring video of Lee singing one of his tracks ‘Ndingumlungu’, we met Lee at the school and it was such an amazing interaction between Lee and Quite A White Ou as they both were happy to finally met each other.

Watch his video below:

This was eye opening for us to meet this young man as it shows that we are making progress and that more and more young people in South Africa are interested in learning Xhosa and other indigenous languages. Meeting Lee is an encouragement to keep teaching and spreading the word on learning each others languages as well as our cultures.

Makhosi and Lee lead the hall in dancing to the click song
Makhosi and Lee lead the hall in dancing to the click song
High Fives!
High Fives!
Makhosi and Lee pull the secret Mlungu Handsign (oops, now it’s no longer a secret!)




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