Teachers Wanted at UBuntu Bridge

Job Offering:  

Online Freelance Xhosa language Teachers / Facilitators

Date: September 2021


UBuntu Bridge is looking for ONLINE isiXhosa tutors/ teachers / facilitators / lecturers. 

For adult beginners and teenagers primarily ONLINE in:

  • small group teaching and practicing
  • organizational/corporate settings 
  • informal non-curriculum school settings (of all ages)
  • one on one coaching

We need teachers who are reliable, punctual, adaptable, understand teaching methodology, are fun and friendly?

We invite you to be part of this exciting endeavor to bring greater inter-cultural understanding and harmony to South Africa.


  • We are looking for regular, lead teachers who may work 10-20 hours a week 
  • And also regular, reserve teachers who may just pick up a 2-10 hours a week to cover for other teachers.
  • Tutoring times happen during the week and sometimes weekends, during office hours and after hours.  
  • Ideally we want tutors with flexible, but regular hours and availability.


  • Skills to speak, read and write fluent and clearly pronounced English
  • Skills to speak, read and write fluent and clearly pronounced Xhosa
  • Knowledge of Xhosa grammar (you ideally studied isiXhosa)
  • Experience in teaching isiXhosa (or any teaching)
  • Experience with using and teaching on ZOOM (navigation, screen share, communication with students)
  • Reliable internet connection to be able to conduct group video lessons on ZOOM
  • Good working, reliable laptop or computer (a phone is not sufficient)
  • Clear fluency in English written and spoken
  • Excellent self-management practices
  • Be a people person and a team player

Job specifications and training process:

  1. Unless already qualified and experienced, you will be trained to teach Xhosa as a foreign/third language, for conversational purposes via the UBuntu Bridge method.  
  2. You will be taught from our materials and expected to learn the materials, their structure and content thoroughly.
  3. After training, you will get practical experience by assisting our trained teachers in classes, thus gaining experience in the classroom.
  4. This is a part time job initially, but has PLENTY of potential for expansion and to have full time employment as part of a great team, depending on continued company growth and teacher performance and commitment.
  5. At some point it may also involve live teaching again

Training Conditions:

  • Please note that our training for teachers is valued at R12 000 but we are offering it for no financial cost to teachers in exchange for:
    • Being fully present for the training process (online/part time)
    • Working as a teaching assistant during the observation training period
    • Demonstrating ability and competency during an assessment and demo sessions
    • Working at a reduced teacher rate whilst accumulating experience and until passing the full approved teaching status
  • Additional agreements (unless exempted in writing):
    • You must be prepared to commit to work exclusively for UBuntu Bridge (as a Xhosa teacher) for a set period of time (usually 6-12 months).  
    • Participating in content creation, basic translation services, marketing activities.


Rates are based upon:

  • Your previous experience
  • Your speed of grasping the content and teaching style
  • Your training phases
  • Your duration of work at UBuntu Bridge
  • The amount of teaching you are doing for us

Application Process:

  1. Please fill in this form:  https://click.ubuntubridge.org/teacher-application-form
  1. We have so many applications, so we need to ask you to do the following:

Please send us a short video ngesiNgesi under 1 min including the following:

  1. Share your name, surname, and Xhosa teaching experience
  2. What is your experience with Zoom?  Do you have a reliable and fast internet connection?
  3. Why you want to teach isiXhosa to beginners online?
  4. What is your general availability in terms of working hours?
  5. When can you start?
  6. Why under 1 min?  To save us time, but also for you to be precise in the information.  You do not need to share all details, just a brief response to each point above.   We are looking forward to your video!  

Whatsapp number in the form:  https://click.ubuntubridge.org/teacher-application-form

  1. When we have reviewed all applications and made decisions on the next step in the process, we will let you know.

Please send any queries to umsebenzi@learnxhosa.co.za

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Enkosi kakhulu!

About UBuntu Bridge:

UBuntu Bridge is a social enterprise that promotes indigenous language learning as a practical, effective and fun way to social reconciliation and unity. 

UBuntu Bridge provides fun and entertaining ways of learning isiXhosa which includes Supported Online Courses as well as facilitated intercultural experiences in rural villages (https://www.learnxhosa.co.za/yho-xhosa/)

Founder of UBuntu Bridge Craig Makhosi learnt isiXhosa as a young adult, whilst living with traditional healers in the rural villages, and is still learning today. 

Everything he designs for the students is tried, tested and tweaked, based on his own experiences and challenges! 

Our method of teaching has proved to be just the right formula for other adults and teens from all backgrounds, looking for practical, fun and usable language learning experience.

UBuntu Bridges learning products and courses enjoy popularity with Xhosa enthusiasts around the world, and can be found online at www.learnxhosa.co.za