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UBuntu Bridge Testimonials

Xhosa Feedback

“UBuntu Bridge’s classes inspired me more then I ever dreamed Xhosa classes would.  The side-effects have been the building of stronger relationships with some of my colleagues, building greater trust, and allowing me to feel genuinely part of the real society of our country.”

Alan Dickinson, Management Development Consultant, Applied Dynamics and Human Resource Director, SunAir International

“I enjoy learning Xhosa and I love the response I get from my colleagues and customers.  The UBuntu Bridge team that taught us is wonderful and very professional.  I would strongly recommend that companies make the most of their high value service.   I wish I had this opportunity 20 years ago.  Thank you for this opportunity to enrich myself and our working environment in a cultural and personal way.”

 Regards, M van Niekerk, Old Mutual

Would definitely recommend it to anyone.”  Lee Adams, CTT

This is one of the best training interventions I had this year! Thank you to the Ubuntu team!”  Berna Muller, Cape Town Tourism

“I was worried in the beginning that I would not be able to understand and even remember everything I will be learning, but Deon and the rest of the facilitators really made it so easy and understandable – they are really amazing!”  Berna Muller

“The course was awesome and so much fun!”  Gadijah Darries

This was really worth the effort, well presented and definitely added to my skills”. Elmarene Bernhardt

An ideal kick start course with excellent training materials and a very good team building exercises. Thanks to the practical approach, the diligence and support of the training facilitators!”

“Thank you for a fantastic training!!  I also need to compliment you on the excellent quality of the CD’s and the learning materials. I am glad we chose UBuntu Bridge!”  Minnie Bentley, Cape Town Tourism

“It was a great experience. I really enjoyed learning a new language and helpful phrases”. Kobus Liebenberg, MHG

“Very good approach to learning Xhosa, can’t wait for level 2” Mias Retief, MHG

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and sense of humour!”  Maria Magdalena Mans

“The course was very inspiring and motivated. I have learnt a lot but speaking should the language is difficult, but with lots of practice will come easier” Riedwaan Salie, MHG

“For anyone wanting to learn Xhosa, I would highly recommend this course, it’s amazing how quickly you can pick it up with practice and was also very interesting to learn about the culture which enlightened me on some things I wondered about, like the loud speaking, but now I understand why it’s done this way by our Bhuti’s and Sisi’s” Revaan Jutzen, MHG

“I am so glad to have had this opportunity. I’ve become more comfortable with trying to learn as opposed to being completely intimidated before” Shelley Sonnenberg, MHG

“Great course taught at a comfortable pace” Paul Turner, MHG

“It was fun to learn IsiXhosa in a comfortable environment of my colleagues. The notes were handy and the teacher was very patient with us” Lilian Tawamba, MHG

“I enjoyed the course and I  am eager to put what I have learned to use. Thank you” Laura de Villiers, MHG

“Was enjoyable and a good learning experience. I now understand a few bits and pieces of Xhosa peoples’ conversations, but still have a lot to learn” Magteld Rust, MHG


ZULU feedback

“I think the whole course is excellent – the cd’s and study guide, and of course the great teachers!  Ngiyabonga!”  Lizelle Pretorius

“I absolutely loved it!  Now I can understand what others are saying & I can read the language – its really awesome!”  Annette McFarlare, Media 24

“Beautiful, wonderful, encouraging people. I would recommend the course any day!”  Celinda Groenewald, Media 24

“I am very happy that I enrolled for this course and I will certainly speak isiZulu from now on, on a daily basis!”  Valerie Burger, Media 24

 “Everything was wonderful! Cultural insights were an eye opener”  Hanri Wandergem, Media 24

“Learning was extrememly enjoyable! Thanks for bringing hope to our nation”  Hestie Bezuidenhout, Media 24

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, Im teaching my kids as well. The manual combined with the cd is a winning combination.  I have learnt so much and I am able to communicate with colleagues on a basic level. I would recommend the course to anyone!”  Olivia Moyce, Media 24

“Enjoyed Level 1 & 2, loved every minute of the class and class sprit was always high” La-eeba Anthony, Media 24

 “Amazing tutors and facilitators, really walked us through it patiently and practically”  Louis Raubenheimer, Media 24

“Great course! I feel as if I have really advanced”  Tiffany Eslick, Media 24

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