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The Heritage Day #SALanguageChallenge2017

#SALanguageChallenge Heritage Day 2017

Language has often divided people and language also has the potential of bringing us together.  Let’s celebrate our heritage by taking an action that empowers us and others at the same time!

We have put together this fun and motivating video and campaign in hope that we inspire you to join the challenge and learn a few phrases from a South African language of your choice.


STEP 1 Get a friend who speaks the language you want to learn then learn to say – My name is [insert name] + three phrases from that language.

STEP 2 Take a duo-selfie of you and your “friend” saying your 3 phrases.

 STEP 3 Post your video to our Facebook page: TheSouthAfricanLanguageChallenge or Tweet us our twitter handle is @UBuntuBridge

 Be sure to include the following hashtags




The language you are learning #IsiXhosa/ #IsiZulu #Afrikaans #SeSotho #SeTswana #Venda #Xitsonga #Seswati #English

FINALLY Tag/Challenge ten of your friends to do the same thing

FACEBOOK:  The South African Language Challenge – Heritage Day 2017


We will add to these with time, and our priority is to get you learning with others, asking each other for help.

But obviously when it comes to isiXhosa we have a Free online video course.  Subscribe here:


This a start/ build up to our big campaign in December 16 Reconciliation Day. Take part. Be part. Show you are bringing South Africa together.

All language companies and people interested in promoting language, we will be looking to partner with you.  Please let us know if keen to be involved and we will make contact in October!


6 thoughts on “The Heritage Day #SALanguageChallenge2017

  1. Molo bhuti

    Ndifuna ukunyusa izinga lokufunda isixhosa. Ndifuna utitshala wokundifundisa.

    Vaughan Stannard (umlungu, ndiyathetha isingesi)

    1. Haha, bra Vaughn
      Uhlala ndawoni?
      Sithumele i-email ku bookings at learnxhosa dot co za.

  2. This is such a wonderful initiative guys!


    1. Kunjalo, mhlekazi

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