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Trip to Robben Island

This is a fun, informal day outing to Robben Island. I will be going with a group of Xhosa friends and you are welcome to join. Tickets are R180 per adult, I believe, so just cover your ticket, and if you wish to sponsor fully or partially another Xhosa person, many of whom cannot afford the whole price, we can arrange for them to be your personal translator during the journey. It should be a lot of fun and insightful – I have always wanted to go. Let me know if you are interested. It is likely to be on a Tuesday from 10-1ish in mid January. RSVP!

Hi Guys

It is proving to be a logistical struggle to get this trip happening, what with the Xhosa folk at Montebello (MB) either working 7 days a week, or having alternating days off, or having different shifts each week, etc. However I am determined and excited.

Tickets are R180 per adult, R90 for kids.
I was originally aiming for a Tuesday or Wednesday as it seems to be the most likely date for the MB crew, but this seems to have possibly changed.

So either this week approaching 13th or 14th or the following week 20th or 21st I would like it to happen, but we will see. I will be confirming the actual date as soon as possible.
The 11am ferry seems the most practical, meeting at the Waterfront (more details later). We should be back by 2.30pm.

Please indicate your availability for above suggested dates and the number (if any) of people you are willing to sponsor, even if only partially so.

Thanks for your patience.
Take care.

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