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UBuntu Bridge celebrating June 16 with the community of Vrygrond

Organized by Muzi Collective minds and Muizenbeg festival UBuntu Bridge was in Vrygrond in commemoration of June 16 celebrating the 40th anniversary of the youth of 1976. Bridging the gaps that continue to separate through learning each other’s languages. MaDuka blessed the audience with her poetry and Quite A White Ou performed four tracks including his very popular music video ‘Ndingumlungu’, creating consciousness and breaking down stereotypes of what is still called whiteness and blackness by society.

It’s been 22 years since South Africa become a democratic country and the first democratically elected president the late Madiba said “those among us who do not know Afrikaans must now learn to study this language. Those among us who do not know Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho must now learn to study these languages”. UBuntu Bridge believes in the transformative and healing powers of people re-engaging with indigenous wisdom and people, specifically through language learning.

It was indeed a fun day 🙂 Check out our pictures below

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