Ubuntu Bridge NPC & Partners


– UBuntu Bridge is a movement for social change, based on principles of respect for ourselves, people, planet earth and the magnificent diversity of the Creation.

– We promote creative, and sustainable ways to bring ubuntu back into the fundamental elements of human society.

– We create fun and prosperity through service with integrity.

– Through our community and volunteer-driven cultural immersion programmes and events, we seek to encourage micro-business in the form of language focussed home-stays in the townships and traditional rural areas of South Africa, bringing income into under-resourced areas and stimulating renewed passion and pride that comes from active engagement in one’s own culture, teaching and generating sustainable income for oneself and one’s community.

– The NPO seeks to be self-sustainable by encouraging donations in return for volunteer opportunities with a Xhosa or other indigenous language learning focus.

– We are also thus able to support our partner NGOs with subsidised and Free language learning support.




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