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Village Experience in April 2008

A group of adventurous Xhosa language learners spanning three generations and a 50% gender split successfully navigated the gentle rolling hills of the lali’s (rural villages).

Here are some pics and what they had to say:

“spending a week living and being in the village was incredible, i was completely amazed at how i was able to communicate and have real conversations with my family there – it has made me feel so much more confident in speaking and connected with South Africa and being South African. ” Lori Miller (Zuzeka)

uLori uhlala nosapho lwake (Lori sitting with her Xhosa family)
uLori utheza iinkuni (Lori fetching wood)
uLori uncokola namanye amantombazana (Lori chatting with other ladies)

“Thanks so much for an awesome experience. I am speaking only in Xhosa to my manufacturing staff now, and it greatly increases my enjoyment of communication with them”.  Ross Johnson

uRoss uselalini (Ross in the village)
uTessa nabantwana basekhaya (Tessa with the kids)


For more info on Village trips for school and other groups, click here:

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