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Volunteer: Earthchild Project extra mural clubs

Dear friends of the Earthchild Project

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming Volunteer Workshop.  The focus will be in line with our
Term 3 theme – the environment.  We have a fascinating and inspiring guest speaker, Robyn Smith, coming to shed more light on why we should go organic.  Together with her husband, Robyn started the online organic store called Faithful-2-Nature.  Her talk is highly informative and shows us how everything is connected and how literally, “what we put in, is what we get out”.

In addition, we will also be running a short facilitation skills workshop where you will learn lots of new games and songs to use with the earthchildren.

You’ll also get to meet our new volunteer coordinator, Linci Abrahams 🙂

Date: 23rd September 2010
Time: 2:00 – 4:30pm
Venue: KarmaShala Yoga Studio – 117 Hatfield Street, Gardens
Refreshments will be served
The workshop is open to volunteers, old and new, and is free of charge

Please RSVP as soon as possible and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

We also have some exciting volunteer opportunities coming up…


Xoli, in collaboration with Hannah Loewenthal (movetomakespace) will be exploring a 5Rhythms dance -based group for young women, with a vision to create a safe space for these adolescents where they can find new pathways to empowerment and to achieve their goals.

The group will begin with 12 adolescent women ages 12-16years from Sakumlandela Primary and other surrounding schools in Khayelitsha, meeting once a month on a Sunday.  The first session is on Sunday19th September 2010.

We need volunteers to help achieve our mission, so if you feel inspired about the project and would like to get involved please find below a list of how you can help!

·        Preparing Lunch: This will require shopping for lunch ingredients and helping to prepare it (money, utensils and space will be provided)

·        Fundraising: If raising funds is your passion and you have contacts that we can send the proposal to, this might be a great offer for you.

·        Resources: This will require sourcing materials for our arts &crafts sessions

·        Sourcing Mentors: We need to source 12 amazing elder woman to mentor our young ladies

·        Planning excursions: This will involve sourcing exciting outings around Cape Town and helping to organize them.

·        Helping to source guest speakers or running an activity

·        Media: This could involve writing press releases, connecting us with your contacts or even coming to take photographs of some of our sessions

Contact Xoli @ 0731446475 or for more info

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