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Weekend Xhosa Immersion Practice


This post will be updated, but its presence signifies the intention to create weekly opportunities for you, the learner, to experience appropriate opportunities to practice your Xhosa with mother-tongue speakers.

The experiences will be:
– free
– close to Cape Town
– with Xhosa people who have time to listen to you and help you with your Xhosa by being patient and understanding
– mutually beneficial in that the people will really appreciate your presence
– cultivating ubuntu

That would mean visits to orphanages, creches, hospices, or volunteer based projects, where you can brighten someones life or contribute to a poor community, in return dramatically improving your Xhosa, consolidating what you learn in the lessons, and making you feel like you belong to a broader community.

Any of you, my students, who work in NGOs who are aware of an appropriate opportunity for interaction, please leave comments on this post, or email me details.

Blessings to us all.

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