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Weekend Xhosa practice

Hi Guys
a beautiful opportunity for you to practice your Xhosa this weekend, experience ubuntu, give some of your energy back to the poorer communities (they love having you there) and having heartfelt fun…..

Some of the things we’ll do on Sunday in Khayelitsha in no particular order..

Work in the garden and prepare it for planting (almost ready, as they’ve been working on it since the last community day.)

Paint a basic mural

Actiivities with kids: happy mobiles (arts and crafts), african drumming, drama (both acting as well as confidence and team-building stuff), tile painting, face-painting

watch the kids do their dance and drama performances

eat and drink


play soccer against firefighters fc (could definitely use you as a midfielder)

wow that’s sounds like a lot, but will be well-organised and chilled. there’s also space for other stuff if you keen to lead something.

we’ll meet at uct at 9 and be back by 5 at the very latest

If interested,


3 thoughts on “Weekend Xhosa practice

  1. I would to be part of this because I love acting

  2. I want to build my future

  3. I want ti be an actress

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