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Xenophobia Crisis

My beautiful people. The horror of what is happening may finally bring us all together. Perhaps too we may collectively start taking responsibility for the current situation which allows our people to become so desperate that they resort to this madness. That is no excuse, but we must acknowledge it. We all need to give more, we need to do more, actively, not just pray, and pay tax grudgingly. and not just because we are afraid we may be next. people are desperate and this is evidence.

May the rich, black and white, stop fiddling like romans. based on the good i see in these times, i am hopeful.

one example may be of how poeple can give back in the long run, if it aint too late.

For immediate action, in Cape Town:
The TAC HQ in 122 Longmarket Street, Westminster house is a centre for food, clothing, blankets, toiletry donations in CT. call hennie on 021 422 1490.

peace, gratitude and blessings.


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  1. Thanks for the link to Third Thursday. Seems like a great site.

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