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Xhosa Audio CD Feedback

I dont often ask for feedback for the CDs, unlike my course feedback after every course, but I do get a constant stream of people telling me how great they are, and as a result I am now making 5 more CDs just to contain my ego. Here are a few, I remembered to save. Please add more, if you have the Cds and wish to.

“This is great stuff. As a beginner you gave me the words I could use right away in an easy to understand manner. I enjoyed your sense of humor which kept me listening after I would normally stopped. Thanks so much, this made a big difference in my last trip to the Transkei and I will be recommending it to other travelers. Cheers!”
Tim Stout Date Added: Saturday 29 November, 2008

“THE CDS WERE GREAT! They really help to get the sound, the rhythm and tempo of the language right”
Gene Falk

“Very high quality (have been a writer and publisher, so this is not said lightly!”
Barbara Johanssen

“They are so straightforward and easy to follow, thanks.”
Linda Codron

“Loved them! A great tool—my “security blanket.”
Dianna Crouse

“There is an obvious attention to detail shown in the development and structuring of the CD and notes. I find the detail in both sufficient to cover the areas that you don’t actually mention in class which may cause confusion or digression. I look forward to the future CD’s 3, 4 and 5. The amount of repetition heard on the CD is excellent. I find it very balanced. I did not refer to the notes as much as I did to the CD. An excellent learning tool.”
Beryl-Lyn Cocks

CDs can be ordered via email or on my site on the downloads page.

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