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Xhosa Volunteer Opportunities – The thinking behind it

It is my belief that the best way for people to learn Xhosa and potentially help heal rifts is to go and volunteer, but not to go as some sort of saviour but rather as your humble self, struggling to learn Xhosa and to get to know people in the process. You provide a service, and learn about your fellow peoples in our beautiful country and have a good time. There is plenty of healing to be done on both sides of the wealth and class curtain. Besides, this is how I learnt Xhosa as an adult – Volunteering and interacting. Its a fabulous investment in yourself, let alone the youth of our country.

So, if you wish to be connected through some innovative channels, please check this blog label often or subscribe via RSS or just keep subscribed to my mailing list. But hopefully, you can follow one of the links to organisations below and find a place to volunteer that works well for you. At this time, I prefer to not have to manage this process. Take initiative and contact some of the folk below.

At some point, we hope to have a google calendar, which will provide up to date connections with events and peoples organising things in the townships. The atmosphere of non-work pressure combined with the inquisitive exposure will allow you the mental space to let your Xhosa grow. Epic! Improve your Xhosa, heal the nation and yourself – Volunteer!

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